Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Shine On You Crazy Diamonds

Early on in the night, Randy was critiquing one of the performers and said something along the lines of 'you know what I liked about that?' and Paula turned and said 'what?' as though he had been talking to her. I love that shit.

I hate it when Chris Sligh starts apologizing for everything under the sun (here comes the sun Chris, quick say something!) and secondly for wearing those fucking ear things.

The performance of the night easily goes to the crying girl. It's too bad she's going to get the crap beaten out of her at school tomorrow.

Lulu! Call me and we'll trash the show sometime.


Coaster Punchman said...

I kind of wish someone would film the sex that Ryan and Simon are surely having after the show every night. And Paula is trying very hard to hold it together. The meds are getting slightly more adjusted, from all appearances.

Anonymous said...

I think Lulu looks damn good for her age. Here's a little tid bit on Peter Noone. A couple of years ago I was in the same restaurant as him up in New Hampshire at Hampton beach, let me just say there is a reason why his face is red and bloated. But I guess I'd drink too much too stuck in a trailer park people infested crowd whose main street hasn't changed in 50 years. Hampton beach was a dump!

As usual Melinda and LaKisha were the best. The rest blew chunks, cept for Jordin, she was decent.(IMHO)

n.v. said...

Jordin's boring as shit. Screecher.

Chris Sligh's lisp annoys me. Since when are the disabled allowed on Idol?

Dale said...

Thufferin' Thuckotash, Chris Thligh remindth me of one Chicken Little and hith rendition of Thtarry Thtarry Night latht year.