Wednesday, March 21, 2007

In The Right Music Era At Least

I had a small crush on Peter Noone back in the dark ages of my youth, you know it as the 60's. Of course being a child of the 60's that is the music I love. CP and I recently saw a show based on 60's music. Unfortunately I dressed like the 60's Lulu...including hair and make-up. I thought it was cool I hide the photos.

Haley is a flirt and I think that is how she gets by in life. I hope she'll wise up.

Chris R and Blake are Justin Timberlake wanna be's. Maybe they could be pre-teen poster boys but they both lack voice quality in the singing area. And what's with the golf pants Blake??!!

Stephanie did a no no and sang a Dusty Springfield song and did it off key.

LaKisha with all her diamonds on tried to match Shirley Bassey and did a fair job but not good enough. I like that she didn't let Simon's snotty remarks get to her (at least she didn't let on).

Phil, while at first I liked him has gone down hill in my opinion...and all this is just our opinions anyway, but we of course are the authorities! But he didn't have the chops for Tobacco Road.

Jordin sang 'I Who Have Nothing' did it well for a 17 year old who hasn't had much love experience yet. She was off key a bit too.

Sanjaya...YUCK! again. Who is voting for this creepy little boy???

Gina had a good fit with a Stones number. She still reminds me of Joan Jett/Pat Benatar. I think she will have a life after Idol. She needs a vocal coach.


Melinda remains my favorite and the one I vote for (ok Dale?). She sang a torch song and did it justice. I would like her to win but even if she doesn't I think she will be a star. Look what happened for Jennifer Hudson.

At least Lulu and Peter Noone were better than Diva Ross. And they all knew the words this week! Was someone paying that little girl to cry or does she have perfect pitch and was just upset so many sang off key?


Dale said...

I guess you can vote for Melinda if you insist JM. Actually, I think she's got the best chops, as long as she doesn't stick her neck too far out. Har har.

Jordin was my fave from last night.

Dena said...

Mom, I bet it's Michael Jackson voting for Sangaya. He's going bankrupt doing it, too.

n.v. said...

how do I keep logging in as 'dena'?

Dale said...

Your true self is trying to sign through nDenav.

n.v. said...

Dale, you make my meat sweat.

Jake's Mom said...

I didn't know she had a neck Dale. Jordin did to good but not Melinda good.

I agree dena, that's only way he'll get any publicity ever again. You watch, he'll take credit for Sangaya.

Dale said...

Mmmm spicy love.

Jake's Mom said...

Don't make me turn this blog around and take you two home

Anonymous said...

I almost spit my morning coffee out onto the keyboard reading these comments. Spicy sweaty meat love and american idol ? I'm not feelin it dawg...

Dale said...

As long as we're in the back seat together, I'm cool with that JM.

It's okay Bluez, feel it. Go on.