Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Please let this be his last night!

It is that time -- again. I don't know how much more I can take. I do know this... if Sanjaya does not go home, I won't be watching any more.

So they are doing songs from sixties British performers. I was born in 1967 so I'm not very familiar with the earlier songs of the decade. Peter Noone and Lulu? Were they cartoon characters? No? Singers from that time? These kids DO NOT know who they are - nor do I! American Idol is reaching for themes, don't ya think?

Hayley: I know she needs a bra on... and anything other than a pair of Old Navy shorts. She is a pretty girl... better performance than last week. It was OK, but I feel like it was a little too "showy". She did look like she was having a good time, though.

Chris R.: I so didn't want to like his performance... but I did. Imagine that. He didn't do a lot of bouncing around and he sounded really nice. I didn't know the song, and I think I would listen to that on the radio. Great job.

Stephanie: Is she off key? She sounded like it through most of the song. I'm bored. She is one of my favorites, but I'm afraid Hayley sounded better. I'm disappointed in her performance. I agree with Simon - she is losing her "edge". Her fan base may have a hard time keeping her from the bottom 3 this time.

Blake: He is so freakin' cute! He so totally has the teenage girl vote. That was actually pretty good beat box and all. I'm curious to see if the judges think it was karaoke... I didn't think so. I'd listen to that remake. I wouldn't get his CD if it was full of beat box sounds, though. That is getting a bit old. Ryan needs to stick with hosting... the boy can't dance or sing at. all.

I'm suddenly liking this theme night. The songs aren't the same ol' crap we hear every week -- and every season. I'm enjoying tonight better than anything in a LONG time. It is a blast!

LaKisha: Mama's showing some cleavage tonight. Those girls are lookin' voluptuous! She is a powerhouse. I thought that was fabulous... as usual. That gave me chills.

Phil: At least he started off strong this time. Sounded a little pitchy at times, but he sounded really good! He's got a strong sound... he did some screaming/screeching, too, but I liked this performance.

Jordin: She is moving up in my favorites... she is beautiful and has a set of pipes. That performance gave me chills! I LOVED the was she acted the song out and gave it her whole heart and soul. That was fantastic, amazing, and wonderful. If she made it to the final two and sang that song... she would win the competition.

Sanjaya: OMG -- put your tongue back in your mouth! (Before the break he was trying to act all tough and stuck out his tongue... YUCK!) I'm not going to compare him to MJ only because I got ripped for it last week. I just want him to go away. The commercials are still on and I am DREADING this performance. The little girl in the audience should be crying because she wants him to leave, and America is allowing him to stay. He sucks. That's it. Randy said it was his best performance? Just goes to show you how bad the rest of them really were.

Gina: She is the best "rocker chick" they have EVER had on this show. That was fantastic. She looked hot and sounded awesome. I think a little more growl in her voice would have stepped it up a bit. Did she just mumble through some words? I hope not! I enjoyed that so much. For once I disagree with Simon. I hope that didn't hurt her chances at staying.

Chris: It sounded really good! I even enjoyed his little dance steps. He is the best guy in the competition but Blake is closing in on him. Tonight may have helped seperate him again. That sounded clear and in key. I enjoyed that a lot. Fro Patro?

Melinda: Now tonight she looked young and hip! Loved the outfit! I don't have any other words to describe how wonderful I think she is. They ended the show perfectly (except for the crying girl!)... that was fabulous and amazing. I don't care what the voters decide in the future... Melinda will be a HUGE star whether she wins this competition or not. The world is hers.

That was fun. I enjoyed tonight's show tremendously. I heard songs that weren't familiar so it was refreshing to hear some new material. Great, great night.

I just hope Sanjaya goes home. The only one that could possibly leave before him would be Hayley.


Anonymous said...

hayley channeled her inner slut tonight. chris too timberlake-y. stephanie too beyonce-y. blake is like every candy raver you meet in art school... just be still for a minute. gahd! and lay off the special k. lakisha wins simply because i love shirley bassey/james bond/diamonds. phil must put on a hat please. jordin is good also. sanjaya is loved by poor outcasts everywhere. gina trying too hard. again like every hardcore/goth chick i ever saw at art school . looked like hot topic threw up on her. i want to like her, but i don't buy her "act". chris is bringing chubby back i heard. he isn't bad. just no more dancing attempts please and work on that lisp. melinda was good as expected and cute new 'do.

Dale said...

Stephanie could leave and nobody'd be that upset would they?

Marni said...

Dale - not after that performance. The only exception is that Sanjaya MUST leave.

Melinda June said...

I would be very upset is Stephanie left because that means Chris R., Blake, Hayley, Phil and Evil Chunder will still be here.

sorry, Marni. I can't love beatboxbastardo...no matter how cute he is.

Dale said...

The beatbox guy was better last week vocally I thought but he's very marketable so he should sail through.

I disagree that Sanjaya was bad last night though, sue me everybody, he had fun, he was loose and Stephanie sucked the life out of a song most people love.

And Marni, don't feel bad about getting ripped on ahout Michael Jackson by any of us. We're all right aren't we? I know I am anyway!

Marni said...

I don't feel bad... like my dad so eloquently told me one time

"Opinions are like a$$holes... everybody has them and some stink worse than others!"

We are all intitled to our own... that is why we post them, right?! :)

Coaster Punchman said...

I forgot to give props to Jordin - thanks for the reminder. She was great last night.

Dale said...

She was amazing actually wasn't she?

n.v. said...

Marni, pardonnay mwah - I didn't intend for you to feel "ripped on."

I just think a lot of people are confusing MJ and Sanjaya based on Sanjaya's creep factor, forgetting that MJ was a demi-god in glitter socks before his spiral down into the anus of a young Latin boy.

The comparison is definitely valid. I just still love MJ. Even if he forcibly climbed into MY anus tonight, I'll bop to the strains of Thriller tomorrow.

n.v. said...

Sorry: I mean if he forcibly CLIMBS. Not climbed. I'm confusing my tenses.

Marni said...

n.v... no problemo. I'm just so used to people agreeing with everything I say it is hard when someone defies me! (HAHA!) Being EXTREMELY sarcastic there.

I loved MJ back in the day and am sickened at what he has turned into. As for Sanjaya... he just makes me sick. Period. I wonder if the judges put him through because they knew he would cause a scandal like this... there is always one...