Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Miss me

I have an after work event this evening so I will not get to watch the festivities. Please think of me... I'll be at a dinner theater trying to "act". HAHAHA!

Now THAT needs to be judged by the famous three. I'd be kicked to the curb... in a heartbeat.

Marni OUT!

(That was so two seasons ago... sorry)


Dale said...

Don't forget to upload some video of your performance so we can have at you too Marni! Break a blog!

N.V. said...

I missed AI tonight. I'm just beside myself! But I had to finish watching The Hills Have Eyes and then workout.

Dale said...

You didn't miss anything they won't recap n.v. I almost wish they'd skip the rest of the auditions and head for the brought back to life guest stars they'll soon trot out to help the kids.