Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Memphis was Memphis

I like DVRing American Idol. No commercials or Ryan Seacrest seeing if a non winner will cry or say ride things on the show.
Frank and Beans...why would anyone be happy that they are called that??

Couldn't understand much of what Mika said and sing the words only made it worse.

Sundance was good, his dad was a one hit "wonder" in the 60's. But Sundance has good pipes, crappy goatee and sloppy dress but I am sure someone will clue him in, right?? Didn't appreciate Simon making snide comments about his marriage and wife's pregnancy. Jealousy is not a good look for you Simon .

Then Castro walked in...I thought he wasn't doing too well. But he can sing, just get rid of the rat's nest on your face. MAKE-UP!

The shy background singer Melinda was the best of them all. I hope she doesn't get trampled. Needs a wardrobe redo.

Then Robert walked in with confidence that he could sing (he couldn't) and proceeded to sing 'Burning Love'. There are just some songs that only the "king" should sing and that is one of them. Ryan did get him to cry on camera.

The last guy, can't remember his name, bald and bad bottle tan but great pipes. And glad he told Simon that family was more important than Idol. Simon snorted. I think I hear the waaaaaaaaaaambulace Simon.
Paula was a little less cheerleaderly. Still dopey, I hope that's not the personality she ordered. Randy was tamer too. Simon acted like he could barely stand to be there. Glad I didn't have to rev up the taser for those two.


Dale said...
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Dale said...

I'm enjoying the discomfort Ryan's bringing to the show this time around. Those hard hitting questions followed by a blank stare. The poor not so tv savvy folks quietly squirm.

I thought they could have taken the black girl with the red hair along for the ride and cultivated her but at least they got the get the @#*@! camera out of my face rant out of her.

Jake's Mom said...

That rant was funny, she almost hit the camerman. But it's like the news people scampering to victims, like mice to cheese when something bad has happened and they are determined to get a "What are you going to do now that your house is spit into two pieces?" quote...Go to Disneyland?
You're right Dale, the rants should stay.