Tuesday, March 31, 2009

American Midol

How will Anoop ever take the Slumdog Idol title with all those white guy friends? It'll never work!

If only Megan could find that one song, you know, like Edie Brickell did that one time, oh and find a chisel for the Osmond teeth.

Danny looks, sounds like and is, I'm convinced, one of the Avenue Q puppets, the one with the dead wife.

Allison? The only person who should ever utter the words 'Don't Speak' and get away with it is Dianne Wiest. I hate this song by anyone.

Rather than hear Scott sing, I think they should just have him sit there while the deaf guy from Amazing Race signs the words for him.

Who knew a mole could be embarrassed?! Poor Matt. And poor Matt's mole!

I wish Lil would do that part from the Natalie Cole song 'This Will Be' that goes hugging and squeezing and kissing and pleasing, together forever through rain or whatever yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah! and then go back to the motel.

The term "screaming queen" perfectly describes Adam the ant man and Adam the artist.

This is the first time I have slowed down the fast forward on Chris. He also belongs in the cast of Avenue Q but at least did a decent job.

Other weirdness: One of the contestants has a cross eyed friend or dad they cut to a few times, oh my. Also, why was David Spade there in the audience behind Randy? And where did he disappear to for one song and then show up again after?

Best orgasm faces while singing: Anoop and Kris, neither of whom I needed to imagine in this way.


Flannery Alden said...

Anoop is such a disappointment! He looked like he was doing Usher via Michael Jackson.

Ugh, Megan! Vote for the Worst, indeed!

Flannery Alden said...

I think David Spade is Randy Jackson's guardian angel now. But he smokes...

Blanche said...

If Kara says "Here's the thing" one more time I'm gonna snap.

Melinda June said...

Totally with you, Blanche. In fact, snapping twice for "Here's the thing...that just wasn't the right song for you."

Rising from my Ashes said...

Glad to come by your blog and I certainly would like to return again?

Coaster Punchman said...

Anoop just embarrasses me. But I wouldn't mind seeing Kris's orgasm face in real life. Cute kid. Ok, so at this point I'm old enough to be his dad. But he's of age so I'm not a sick f*ck.

Yes, I LOVED seeing the cross eyed guy.

As much as I dislike blind guy's voice, he did a decent job last night. I still can't stand to listen to him, though. And that new "look" was, as Simon might put it, absolutely attrocious.

Dale said...

How often must that poor blind guy have to hear 'trust me'?

BeckEye said...

You leave my screaming queen alone, bitch.

Dale said...

I have not and will not touch your screaming queen Beckeye! You keep him away from me too! Thanks!