Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Two and a Half Men

Put these three contestants together and that's about what you've got.

If you're going to try and take me to the Nutbush City Limits Melinda, you really need someone to slap you around a little backstage first to sell it. Congrats on almost convincing America you're a W-O-M-A-N too. Those hair extensions pretty much covered up your Adam's Apple. The best part of the night was nobody mentioning she flubbed the entire second line to that song.

Blake should move back to Avenue Q where he belongs although I have to admit, he almost blew This Love right outta Jordin's box. She worked about as hard for the money as Paula did on that lame ass joke. I Who Have Nothing was excellent again though.

True facts as discovered on The Tonight Show last night:

Blake is from the Seattle area but has never had a cup of coffee.
Melinda was a costumed mascot in high school and college.
Jordin is 17.

Did anyone see Molly Shannon on SNL last week? She opened the show as Mary Catherine Gallagher on American Idol.


BeckEye said...

I loved finding out that Jordin's favorite song of ALL-TIME is "Mmmbop" by Hanson. Which reminds me, I really, really wish Sanjaya would've covered that on the show.

Dale said...

Now I feel sad. What hair goes with Mmmbop I wonder?

Tanya Espanya said...

I can't wait for this stupid show to be over. I lapse into a coma every time it's on and am only watching it now so that I can read the reviews here and at Popeye's.

Anonymous said...

OH. MAH. GAH. i absolutely cannot believe that talentless stuttering hack made it to the finals

Dale said...

But strangely, I do believe!

Valerie said...

I don't think I'll be watching the season finale...I don't care anymore.

Dale said...

If Valerie doesn't care, all is lost.