Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Thanks kids, it's been real

I love this girl. Neck or no neck.

The only saving grace to saying "goodbye" to Melinda is that I don't have to rush home to watch the rest of this drivel. Because that's exactly what it will be, this choice between the prom queen and the Tourette's boy. Drivel.

The only worse voting error I've seen in recent American history would have to be all of our recent presidential elections.

I could go on and on about how disgusted I am that the most talented singer ever to grace the American Idol stage was voted off tonight; but that would take too long. Poor George summed it all up quite nicely with the following words:

"America couldn't care less about talent. They just want young cunt slits."

Bravo, Poor George. Bravo.


Dale said...

I wonder if that was a permanent street sign they gave her?

Poor George is the voice of reason, I agree. The good thing is she'll have a long career ahead of her no doubt. Or she'll be understudying Fantasia in the The Color Oprah.

BeckEye said...

Melinder looked very happy tonight. It was a look that said, "Thank God I won't have to be Clive Davis's puppet for the next 99 years."

Melinda June said...

Beckeye's right. Winning AI would be a bad thing for someone like Melinda. It is likely that she can build a talent-focused career as a singer now, in a genre that is appropriate to her where her fanbase can continue to grow. If she won, she'd be stuck recording commercially targeted drivel.

Marni said...

I'm torn... I wanted her to win, BUT I didn't want her tied to 19 Entertainment and the American Idol stigma. She is such an awesome singer/performer.

She deserves better than what that "title" would have given her.

As for who wins now? I don't care. I would prefer Jordin, but those teeny bopper girls, obviously, have a lot of pull.

Coaster Punchman said...

How long is the winner tied to Idol? I thought it was only a year, but I really have no idea.

I might vote for Blake in protest. I liked his warm realtionship with his father. That is, if I watch.

Marni said...

I think it is only a year, but for Melinda that would be the worst year evah!

I have to vote for Jordin (if I watch as well). I can't stand the thought of the Robin Williams Guppy winning.

Jake's Mom said...

That's it for me. I did good to stick it out this long. I don't care who wins. I am hoping now Melinda will having breathing room and can get on with her life. Maybe something like Jennifer Hudson did. She is too good to be a back-up singer.
Goodnight and goodluck!