Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Three each

Jees-oh-pete... we have to listen to three different songs tonight. I pray to all that is holy Blake doesn't beat box through each one of his.

First, the judges pick their songs... then the producers (HUH?!) pick one... then they pick their own. Hmmm... this should be interesting.

Judges Choice

Jordin: Simon's pick? Wishing on a Star - does she even know that song? It is SOOO old! Yawn. The end was OK and her voice was great, but I was bored. I didn't see any personality. What do the judges think? How can Randy say she brought the heat? It. was. dull!!!!!!!!!! Ah-hah! She had NEVER heard the song before! I knew it!

Blake: Paula's pick? Roxanne - I can't stand the Police so I'm already not going to like this... At least he didn't beat box. THANK GOD! He needs to shut his mouth after he finishes a note. He looks like a fish out of water. I have to admit it was a decent performance... better than Jordin's! (Did I really just type that shit?) I agree with Simon that he was trying to imitate Sting - and he failed.

Melinda: Randy's pick? I Believe in You and Me - why did he pick Whitney? She is SOOO overdone... and did I just hear her say "Thank you, Randy Johnson?" instead of Jackson? Or was the mayor's name Johnson? I was too busy trying to figure out why she's singing Whitney. I don't like ballads - or Whitney for that matter - but Melinda did a great job. Her voice cracked a little bit, and she was pitchy in some spots, but over all she sounded great. She's a pro.

Winner of round one? Melinda (HA! The judges - or at least Simon - agreed!)

Producer Choice

Jordin: She Works Hard for the Money - why do they keep giving her the songs that are older than she is?! This is such a freakin' cheesy song... how can she make it sound fresh and new? SHE CAN'T!!!!!! (Once again -- this is a song on my Richard Simmon's tapes) Sounded like a cruise ship performance. I liked it, but it wasn't my favorite. I want to hear something more her age.

Blake: This Love -- Maroon 5 is good choice for him. Glub, glub, glub... fish boy. I am over the beat boxing... over. it. You could tell he was in his element, but I thought it was boring. Glub.

Melinda: Nutbush City Limits - LOVE Tina Turner! Let's see how she does with a rockin' song... she had me at the first note. Great choice for her! I love when she does the "growl" in her voice.

Round two: Melinda

Their Choice

Jordin: I Who Have Nothing - That was her moment. Brilliant performance. She proved she has the power to win this competition. That girl will. be. a. star.

Blake: When I Get You Alone - OMG -- I can't stand Robin Thicke either. This may be painful. I want him to quit dancing. You know what? I want him to quit dancing, beat boxing, singing, performing, and showing up for these performances. I want him to go home. He is no match for Jordin or Melinda... not even in the same league.

Melinda: I'm a Woman - I liked it. That is her kind of song. She can really put on a performance with that kind of song. That was fun! She just plain ol' rocks.

I'm afraid the young vote will go to Blake and Jordin; that will put Melinda out. I hope it doesn't happen. The final two should be Melinda and Jordin -- with Melinda taking it all.

Realistically though? It will more than likely be Jordin. And that sucks.


BeckEye said...

I totally changed up my original prediction after tonight and now I think Jordin is going home tomorrow. I just get that feeling.

I thought Blake was great tonight, and I'm no spring chicken! I'm more of a summer quail.

Coaster Punchman said...

Marni, we need to drop this defeatist attitude. Melinda is THE BEST and AMERICA KNOWS IT! She's never been in the bottom three (I think)- while Jordin has been there more than once.

I think Jordin is cookie cutter. Yeah, she could be a star, but will anyone remember or differentiate her from the dozens of others who look, act and sing just like her?

Melinda on the other hand is unique. No, she's not svelte and traditionally "gorgeous" like some, but when did we here are WJTI start endorsing that a reason to promote or not promote someone? Furthermore, I think she's really cute and can't believe so many don't agree.

More importantly, this girl can SING. How many different styles has she pulled off on this show? She has aced in the hole almost every single song and style they have thrown at her.

And it's been a recurring theme throughout the entire run of AI that "you should not ATTEMPT to do Mariah or Whitney." And them Randy makes her do Whitney, and she fucking ACES IT.

If anyone should be a star, it's this girl.

I'm now going on record that if Jordin wins, I am never listening to her or buying her album. And whether or not Melinda wins, I am buying any album she puts out (unless she proves herself to be a Kristian) and will even attempt to see her live, though I have a policy against stadium concerts.

Thus speaketh CP.

Dale said...

I'll burn a copy of Jordin's sure to be multiple Grammy winning cd for you CP. Meet me at the Nutbush City Limits.

Coaster Punchman said...

I will use it as a cat toy if you do.

Dale said...

Then I will stand outside your house like John Cusack with a ghetto blaster playing her sweet sounds for you.