Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Boy Toys 3/8/06

Tom here.

This show was much easier to take after two double strength appletinis. Then a Chinese dinner, topped off with grasshopper cookies. Who could ask for more?

I told George that two of these boys will have to leave after tonight, and his reply is that only two should stay: Simon & Randy in a j/o contest. (Ok, the appletinis gave him loose lips too.)

Ace sucked. Bucky was pretty good, but he's just too damn ugly. Gedeon was passable but still crazy looking. Kevin is just an aberration, and there's something wrong with Taylor. Will's kind of cute but probably a Mormon.

Elliott has talent but he's just too ugly for this competition.

Chris is still sexy. He's the winner. We love him.

This season, if all goes as planned, will come down to Chris vs. Mandissa on the last show. And then we'll know.

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