Thursday, April 09, 2009

Dale is evil but he's funny

I really could not take another night of listening to Blind Scott sing, so I'm really glad he's gone. Really.

But I'll admit I did tear up watching the judges seriously deliberate saving him - and frankly I think it was all for show. I felt actual terror in my heart at the thought that they might waste their only save on him. They'll need it for Allison, I fear.

But I'm not a TOTAL bitch (like Dale) and I did feel a glimmer of sentimentality for the poor guy. (Poor guy....hell, he's headed for a career a lot more fun than mine so who is he to complain?)

Nonetheless, it was kinda sad. But childbirth is also painful and someone has to do it.

Bye Scott. Don't come back soon, please.

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Dale said...

I felt the same way even through my burst of meanness. Sad and all misty but then completely terror stricken as I thought Kara and Paula might override Simon's common sense. Whew!