Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I'm too lazy to make more drinks

Here's the latest update on my AI watching:

Lil: MJ, I'm sorry, but I'm just not feeling her. Neither are the judges. She must have peaked early. Suffer, Pope!

Anoop: He's growing on me. He touched me tonight. And it wasn't a bad touch. That Cyndi Lauper song always makes me cry, and he succeeded.

Scott: Nice enough guy, but I just can't stand his voice. Oh my God, this song is heinous. Is this Peter Cetera? Or just Chicago? I've blocked it - never thought I'd have to listen to it again. MY EARS! MY EARS! I'm always afraid he's going to walk off the edge of the stage, too. I'd like his brother's phone number, however. Hah, Randy just told him he wants him to "leap off the stage." (vocally)

Allison: Ok, which judge is going to say "You don't have to make me love you, because I do?" As for me, Coaster Punchman, I LOVE THIS GIRL. I LOVE THIS GIRL. But I'm worried that she might lose this week because when the good ones go out early it's almost ALWAYS after they've done a sad, victim-based ballad. I need to vote for her multiple times. And Simon is a jackass. She's incredibly likeable.

Ok, so I guess I am original. Allison doesn't have to make me love her. I already do.

And I'm not drunk any more. Shit.


Dale said...

I love Allison and nobody made me do it. Well, I guess maybe she did. I'm going to start drinking more during this show.

BeckEye said...

Was that a Judy Tenuta reference I spy in the Lil segment? What's that all about? Even if it makes no sense in this context, I still laughed.

Coaster Punchman said...

Beckeye, you are indeed a GENIUS! I didn't think anyone would ever recognize that, and I say/type it often!