Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Songs from Moviezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

...huh? What? It's over?

That was the probably the worst episode of American Idol in the history of Idol. It was so bad it danced on the path of worstness. Two Brian Adams songs? Quentin Tarantino coaching singers? And don't forget Danny Deadwife's subtle use of the harp to communicate "endless love" to his dead wife, who is an angel and only speaks harp. GAG ME.


And why not fire Kara instead of cutting Simon out of 50% of the judgery? What has she really brought to the competition that Randy hasn't already covered? I mean "artistry" is the new "pitchy," dawg.

And was Paula wearing a bejeweled spinal column?

Not even Ryan and his mad time management skillz and Adam and his gifts from outer space could save this one.

Bottom three? Anoop, Matt, and Lil. Going home? Matt. But who really cares after tonight. Ugh.


BeckEye said...

Danny's wife only speaks harp...ha ha ha. That's hilarious!

I think this will be Kara's first and last season. She is so unnecessary. And that's my nice word for her.

Dale said...

I think Chris should play bottom this week and possibly go home. I hate the back talk though so Lil may get what she deserves too.

I hate Adam more than I hate myself but I must say I enjoyed last night's performance from him for the first time.