Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My brief response

Girard - It was better than I expected. But you're all teeth, no gums. And why play the piano at all for that performance? We get it. You play the piano. Move on.
Kris - I take it all back. You are memorable, and I really like you. You're also kind of cute.
Scott - No fair making the blind guy wear that outfit. You're too earnest. Go make easy listening records and leave us alone.
Megan - It's shocking that anyone is still pretending you are anything other than a no-talent annoyance. And put some shoes on, tramp.
Anoop - I don't like that song at all, but I like you so it's okay. Get those brows threaded, though.
Sarver - Did you hit ANY of the notes?
Lil - You looked great, but I agreed with most of the judges that you were not that interesting. Pick up your game, because I like you.
Adam - My, you're the dramatic one, aren't you? Blow us some air kisses and stop trying to look like Elvis.
Danny - That marching in place really added to the whole effect of your performance.
Allison - Holy shit, girl. That was awesome.


Dale said...

Allison for the block (of all the other contestants).

Can't the blind guy see we're over him now?

Coaster Punchman said...

Allison was the only one I saw that night, and from the sounds of it it's all I needed to see. She was great.

michaelg said...

Red hair and lower braces aside, I love my Allison.

What is wrong with Kris's mouth when he unhinges his jaw to sing the big notes and ends up looking like Kermit the Frog on Rainbow Connection.

Mindy, I think unibrows might be a cultural thing with Anoop. Or maybe it's just poor grooming. I'm always giving people the benefit of the doubt. I'll grow out of it.

n.v. said...

I like Lambert's ability to tongue the judge's collective dickbag. He's playing them well.

n.v. said...

It's so obvious he's going to win.