Wednesday, March 18, 2009

American Retard

Can Danny Gokey please go the way of the wifey bird and die? We have to hear about his dead wife more than even any other contestant on the show and, frankly, I'm not feeling it. I know we need the token sympathy vote, but couldn't we pick a 15 year old quadriplegic orphan with brain cancer, or something?

I'm fully expecting Simon to have Mrs. Gokey exhumed (if only for ratings) and prop her up as another wild card contestant. I bet she'd be really stiff competition. Zing!

I hate everyone except Fake Michael Boob-lay. He's charming, mostly because he's not talented. I like guys who keep it rill.

Adam Lambert's future? One word, one wish: AIDS.

More hate later.


Dale said...

The return on n.v., a blogging event not to be underestimated.

Anonymous said...

Dale, I swoon for you

Anonymous said...

"Adam Lambert's future? One word, one wish: AIDS."

Wow, you're a disgustingly-hateful human being.

Mindy & Tom, you're okay with this brand of filth being associated to you?

nv said...

Anonymous, I don't think you're supposed to hyphenate "disgustingly hateful."

As far as I understand Idol and the criticism we post here is all in the spirit of humour and fantasy. It's not as if I'd actually wish AIDS on another person, you moron. Sign your name at least next time you gallop in on your moral "high-horse."

Melinda June said...

nv is correct, anonymous. We are JUDGING the idols, after all. Judgety judge judge judge.

That ring of fire young Lambert created last week was atrocious.

And I hate Fake Michael Boob-lay. He's got tiny teeth and gigantic gums.

I say no more pianos to hide behind. Stand up and sing like the show-choir-alumni you are.

Jazz hands are now mandatory.

n.v. said...

Thanks, MeJune!

Coaster Punchman said...

If NV was a stranger to us I might be creeped out by someone coming in and making an AIDS joke. But since I know she is just kidding it doesn't bother me. Just like it didn't bother me when she complained about being too old to have babies since she would likely be shooting out "gays & retards" or something like that. I howled with laughter even though I'm a big ole' queer. NV welcomes cruel jokes about her ethnicity as well. At least I think she does, I've never tried it on her.

michaelg said...

I'm not going to completely side with anonymous. However, to a stranger, I can see where the AIDS comment comes off like your standard Ann Coulter style bullshit. I'll take Mindy's and CP's word for it that she's not making such remarks in a vain attempt to get a chance to rim Dick Cheney's ass.
I am completely with NV on Gokey. Exhume the woman, if only to prove that his story isn't complete crap.

n.v. said...

The first thing I want to do is offend tight-assed humourless dolts who glory in kneejerk liberal reactions.

The very LAST thing I want to do is offend the gays. All joking aside, I support homo(erotic) causes and don't think the reality of AIDS in the gay community -- or elsewhere -- is funny.

I joke, that's all.

And yes, I welcome ethnically-insensitive commentary. I am descended from Iraqi parents. But before anonymous comes in with the Muslim jokes, let me set you up for success (and confusion) by informing you that I'm a Christian who is now utterly godless. And happy about it.

OK, night night!

Coaster Punchman said...

Oh God, you're a CHRISTIAN? Now the gloves are coming off, girl!

Last night I dreamed I became possessed by the devil, and I wasn't even scared. Probably because that head-turning-around thing might be really cool.

Anonymous said...

I am the artist formerly known as Orthodox. I'm atheist, girlfrennnn!

There is a devil in all of us.