Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Topline observations

Haley is apparently naked AND illiterate.

I bet Blake's show choir won top honours at state.

Please start wearing sunglasses, Phil. Your eyes are other-worldly and I'm afraid you're going to steal my soul.

Sangaya looked sleazy AND sang off tune. Is that a double treat or what? And I think he's got a crush on Tony B. He looked like he wanted to devour him.

The guys from Good Charlotte did commentary in the UK, and they made fun of Gina's rocker image. "OOH. I bet she has a tattoo on her ankle. Scaarry." And then they made a tongue gesture that looked disturbingly like a cunnilingus gesture a cab driver in the next vehicle made to me once when I was stopped at a light in Chicago at 3 in the AM.

I never ever thought I would like Chris. Ever.

Lakisha, Melinda and Jordin kicked ass. Seriously. Kicked. Ass.

I'll hang in for a few more weeks just to see them.


BeckEye said...

Good Charlotte making fun of someone's rock-ness is like Sunjaya making fun of someone's suck-ness.

Melinda June said...

You're right, beckeye. They're pretty lame. But they have a lot of arm ink so they think they're cool. Bastards.

Coaster Punchman said...

Melinda. Let's love her just because she has your name.

Dale said...

I want to go driving with you now MJ. Please do hang in.