Friday, February 09, 2007

It's finally over

These auditions... ugh. I'm sooooo glad they are done. I'm with N.V. that I haven't been posting about them. I was all gung ho at first, taking notes and such. Then the notes stopped. Then the caring stopped. The auditions are finally done, but I'm certain I've lost a piece of my soul.

One thing I have to point out... there was the girl, Jasmine. The one that was all sad looking. Who bawled and bawled and complained when it was done. Her family had a sign. It said...

"Jasmine: Are Next American Idol"

I'm pretty sure are actually was supposed to be our. I sincerely hope our next American Idol knows the difference. I think I lost a few brain cells just reading the sign.


Dale said...

That sign was both my favourite part and saddest moment Amy. Oh, and I found this dirty stinking torn bit of ...oh, it's your soul. Should I just turf it?

Melinda June said...

Seriously horrid, these audition shows. Thank god they're over. I never like these anyway, so it's no surprise that they're boring.