Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hooray for Hollywood

I enjoyed last night - very much. It was nice to see GOOD performances. No one has blown me away yet.

Shocker of the night? Bailey didn't make it through. If she could have just remembered her words... but being stuck with the two biggest bitches in the competition didn't help her one bit. I'm glad the "flirt" of that duo didn't make it either. I don't think I could have handled listening to her Jersey twang much longer.

I wasn't surprised that the sister of the brother/sister combo didn't make it. It was heartbreaking to see him after he realized she didn't make it, though. I hope he can handle the pressure without here there... he is SO young! That is -- if he makes it past tonight!

I love it that Chris went through (he's the big guy with the curly hair)... love him and his personality. Another one that got through is who I will dubb "Trucker Chick" until I learn more about her. She is very plain (has a lip ring) but has a voice like Janis Joplin. I hope. hope. hope we get to see more of her. Right now, they are my favorite two.

It is time to get serious folks! The field is being cut to, what, 24 tonight? Yee haw!


Dale said...

Maybe Keifer Sutherland will come in and pop them off one an hour? That would be Fox-worthy fun!

Anonymous said...

How great were Blake, Rudy, Thomas and Chris? Loved it!

Was it my imagination or did Matt Soto's Mom hang up on that poor boy! Where is the love!!

Frank Sirmarco said...

Trucker chick was good stuff. Sorry to see her go. My guess was she got shit-canned because she looked like a lesbian and would offend people in the red states.

Anonymous said...

And you gotta love the one bitch that was singing with Bailey who said "God loves good people", even though she was the one who ditched the other ones to go flirt.