Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Should we remember the Alamo?

First I was shocked by the Billy Idol wannabe, but then Paula opened her mouth. Sweet Jesus girl, what color were the pills this time?

I liked the Bonnie Raitt girl, though I find it odd that she smiled at the most poignant part of the song where the singer admits that her lover won't feel the magic.

Regarding the inbred girl from Krum who raises horses and bulls, I find it interesting that the judges got so excited about her because she has "commercial" written all over her, even though her voice "isn't great." Hello? What happened to looking for "originality?" Simon, you're just so banal and predictable that I might have to binge & purge just to get over this.

I liked the cousin who could sing. If Simon should be bored of anything, it's that damn tight black t-shirt he wears every single day. Sometimes I wonder if he even washes it.

Oh my God. Was that "Black Velvet" or a Nell impersonation?

I thought they should have taken the Nina Simone/Michael Buble girl right away, despite the problems with the look of constipation on her face. And what is with all the tears this season?


Valerie said...

If Constipation Face girl gets her act together, she could be a contender. The fact that Simon thought "yes" and the other thought "no" then gave her another chance, just shows who really runs that judging panel.

That inbred hick girl annoyed me. Something about her eyes looked kooky.

Dale said...

The facemaker is out I think, she won't be able to get beyond the tics and pops.

I made the Nell comment while watching last night. Great or autistic or whatever minds think alike.

I've barely begun to cry.

Jake's Mom said...

I so want this to be over. But it did give me a diversion. And I am hoping the Hollywood experience is so much better or else you'll owe me big time CP (just kidding) :):):)

Nurse Ratchet said...

I think they should have given constipation girl some Milk of Mag and given her another chance. For cryin' out loud, Paul makes bizarre facial/body movements and she's on every week :)