Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Come on, Elliott

So I get to watch the Idols here in the UK on Friday night (or whenever I fit it in over the weekend with my tivo,) and so I know who's off before I see the performances. Let me tell you, Elliott is consistently my favourite, and has been since early days. In fact, here's a quote from March, back before we even had 12...

"Elliott - genuinely enjoys the other performers, watches and dances and responds with what seems like sincere appreciation. Can sing, has a cute laid back style, and will be quirky good looking when that hair grows out."

How prophetic was that?! I tell you, this kid has grown from somewhat awkward/homely to smooth, cool, and sexy, and he's still kept his humility. You know he's a class act when he's in the bottom two and he hears he's staying and the first thing he does is hug the loser (Paris) and tell her how great she is. This guy will remember to thank AI when he wins his Grammy, and he won't resort to sexkitten stunts to sell albums. (Not that KClarkson is succeeding at this, but she's certainly trying.)

I still love Taylor, too, but I am solidly in the Elliott camp for the win.

Katherine...PLEH - you're spastic and weird, and Tom is correct is saying we don't need another Kelly Clarkson. can do one thing, and I'm tired of you now. Plus you're completely up yourself and that's annoying. I hope Elliott kicks your ass and teaches you some humility.

I will say, when Elliott's out I will not watch this anymore. He deserves the win this year, and I have no interest in anyone else. Perhaps I'm a sore loser, threatening to stop playing if my horse doesn't win. But from where I sit, the outcome of AI this year is really a metaphor that will establish whether there really is hope for our country. Are we shallow idiots who want to embrace something superficial and safe? Or do we want to take a chance on truth and goodness?

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