Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I'm all atwitter

So out of last night's performances, Elliott was clearly the best. And all three judges agree with me on this.

Katharine was horrendous last night, on both of her songs.

So, if America voted on last night's performances alone, Katharine will be gone in about an hour and a half.

My fear is that her fans got desperate and speed-dialed her into the final three.

I really would like Elliott in the top two at least, but I also like the other two boys. I mainly just want Katharine out, and then any of the three boys left can win and it will be fine with me. All three of them are great singers, performers, and are interesting. Katharine is OK but just doesn't have the oomph and charisma to match the other three. If it were between Katharine and last year's winner, I'd vote a million times for Katharine. Or even Katharine over Bo Bice. (Last season was simply abysmal and probably put fear in the producers for the future of the entire contest.)

But this year is different. There is stiff competition. Let's just hope America gets it right.

Katharine darling, your time is up. I wish you the best.

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