Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Real Time Commentary with Rod Stewart!

Tonight George and I are watching and blogging our comments real-time!

Rod Stewart is the guest celebrity tonight. I'm lukewarm on him - his gravelly voice kind of annoys me, especially now that he's taken to singing standards. I think he should stick to "Maggie May." But this is not about Rod.

Rod was cute. He's a hugger. He hugged many of the contestants as he was working with them.

Chris: Sang "What a Wonderful World." He kicked ASS! This guy can sing. And he's a looker. And he's interesting. All in all, AI material. Even Simon loves him. George says: "Chris, you just raised the bar of this competition."

Paris: Sang "These Foolish Things." When she talks she sounds like Minnie Mouse. Very young. But a very nice performance tonight - Paris is back! This girl has a great voice, but she's a bit over her head in this particular group. She can use a few years of hard work and perseverance - and it will pay off. George says "she's good, but I just don't understand what the song is about."

OHMIGOD! Simon just said “Paris, you talk like Minnie Mouse.” Ok America, I swear to you now – you heard it FIRST from COASTER PUNCHMAN! I TOTALLY said that FIRST.

What scares me is that Simon & I might be psychically linked.

George says: “Paris, it was very good, in a prepubescent way.”

Taylor!: San “You Send Me.” Our favorite spaz! Which is why I now include an exclamation point(!) every time I type his name! I don’t know what it is about Taylor! That makes me want to give him a bear hug. He’s kind of like a big friendly dog. Oh my God! I was giggling out of control by the time he finished the song tonight. I LOVE TAYLOR!

George says: “Taylor! You are an out of control SPAZ! I LOVE YOU!”

Elliott: Sang “It Had to be You”. I just love Elliott so much. Even from the first moment I saw him on the screen tonight, when he was with the group of Idols waiting for Rod Stewart, singing “You’re in my heart, you’re in my soul….” He was swaying back & forth, like he was just so excited to meet Rod. I can just tell that Elliott is one of those people who just looks for the good in everything. One of those people who are happy just to be with you. One of those people I’m always thinking I should be, but invariably realize I am not. Sigh. But it’s the beauty of the diversity of our planet, n’est-ce pas?

And he’s a great singer. I want him in the final two.

Kellie: Sang “Bewitched.” You could hear her Southern twang in her singing, which I’m not sure was appropriate. OH MY GOD! She just lost her place and got ahead of the band, like by a whole measure. Simon was hanging his head.

George says: “I’m bewildered you’ve made it this far.”

Ace: Sang “I Can Only Give You Love.” Ace would be handsome if he would cut his hair. I’ve never liked long hair on guys. And tonight he had it pulled back in a very severe bun, ala Nurse Ratchett. I wish the coaches had never encouraged him to use that falsetto. It is just awful. The sad thing is, he’s better than last year’s winner. Oh God, Randy is still encouraging the falsetto. Gag me. Please. NB: I like Ace’s older brother who is in the audience every week.

George says: “Ace, I will like you much more after your operation.”

Katharine: Sang “Someone to Watch Over Me.” She would choose this song – I don’t like it. Whatever. America seems to be in love with her. I just think she’s blah. Another pretty face. Whatever.

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