Monday, April 17, 2006

My two cents

First of all, this is extremely disturbing information about Mandisa's homophobia. We've already discussed her status as a larger girl. How dare she abandon the rules of the sisterhood? We are their beards before they can shave, and they make us feel pretty and loved until we find straight boyfriends later in life. And that bond is sacred, for the rest of our lives. I guess what appeared to be a major mistake on the part of the American people was just God working in mysterious ways, huh, Mandisa?

Now, to Elliott, Ace, and Bucky. I'm pleased Bucky went. It was time. Unfortunately now the redneck vote will focus on Pickler so we'll be stuck with her until the final four at least. This is Ace's second or third time in the bottom three, and I think that as Chris and Elliot get prettier he's going to have trouble with the heart-throb vote.

But this was Elliott's second time in the bottom three, and I fear he's next to go. I implore you in voting areas...please vote to keep him in. He is darling, and he's just such a nice kid.

Taylor is such a goofball that I think he'll hang on for awhile. People like that kookie charm.

I'm ready to commit. I want Elliott or Taylor to win.

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