Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Twelve beautiful flowers

It's finally here! We get to start voting!

I am pretty new to the season...I only watched one audition show and one day of Hollywood Week, so I have only a couple of opinions. I like that guy who sang Paula's song with a guitar, I like the long-haired blues singer, I like the little girl from Iowa who wants to make up for her dad abandoning the family and I like the girl with the dreds from the Chicago auditions. In fact, both of these girls have atrocious hair, which means the makeovers will be fun to watch, too. But I like the look of that girl with the short red hair, and I like that Big Mike. And may I say I also like Ellen? I think she's a delightful addition to the team.

And now it's time to judge these bitches. YeeeHa!

Paige Miles: Interesting song choice! I'm not a fan of that scoopy stuff, but any chick that picks "All Right Now" by Free is a winner in my book. Kick the breathy baby talk and I'm on board. And mark my words. Hats are going to be her "thing".

Ashley Rodriguez: Pretty girl. I think she's kind of forgettable, but that could just be that off-pitch warbling performance of an already lame Leona Lewis song.

Janell Wheeler: She's a wine sales rep, and she's obviously not much of a speller. My ear must be off, because she sounds almost as flat as that Ashley right before her. And my, her pants are tight. That should be bringing her pitch up, shouldn't it? Randy introduces a new phrase..."I've got vibes for you." Hmmm.

Lilly Scott: She's been living out of her car and living for her art. I'm pleased she trying to be the next American Idol because she wants to be a star and not because she wants to provide for her children. Honesty rates. That said, she's murdering a Beatles song and I think she's going to throw her shoulder out from the strumming and shrugging. The judges like it but I thought it sucked. And that it was sharp, which I guess is a nice change. It really must be my ear tonight. And I like her hair.

Katelyn Epperly: Here's my bad-haired Iowa babe! I hate what she's wearing, that lipstick looks cheap, and it was a weird song choice. But I like her. I like her quite a bit. I'm voting for the home state!

Haeley Vaughn: She's adorable, but MAN she's got a big mouth. Wow. It seems everyone is Corrine Bailey Rae tonight, except oversinging. Meh. She's fine. Take her. Leave her. No opinion.

Lacey Brown: She works at a church. Beware, haters. Don't let the hair fool you. But she's not a youth minister so I won't damn her yet. Oops. First line of that song could have made her, but it didn't. And now she's trying to prove she can interpret, and instead she just sounds behind the beat. She's pulling the mike back and forth, and I hate that. She's over-stylizing and I'd prefer she just sing. She is doing some weirdtonevibrato thing that is totally weird. Yuck. Jury's in. Damned.

Michelle Delamor: Another super pretty one. And she's really likeable. Thumbs up to the backstory, Michelle. Oh. Alicia Keys. That's a big task. And she's okay. Not great, but better than most tonight. I say she could be impressive in a few shows. Though that run at the end was a bit anti-climatic.

Didi Benami: She's a waitress and she sang a Kara song and made it sound ok, so she's gifted. Of the fake indie girls tonight, she's the best so far. That said, my sturdy Chicago single mom with stinky hair is coming up, and I know she'll kick her sorry ass. So she can stay, but only for awhile.

Siobhan Magnus: Chris Isaak songs should be left to Chris Isaak. And you don't know what it means to be, "a dark horse." There's nothing to like about you, except maybe the flower in the hair that matches your lipstick.

Crystal Bowersox: Okay. Nasty hair. Pierced lip. Disses Idol. Plus 3 points. Trying to support her kid. Minus 2. Singing Alanis Morrisette. Plus 1. Strumming a guitar. Tonight, that's a dime a dozen. Playing the harmonica on American Idol. Priceless. I love her. LOVE HER.

Katie Stevens: Grandma has Alzheimer's. Quick. Make me famous while she'll still know. Katie's resting face looks like a smacked ass. So she sings a Nina Simone song. Really? You're 17. What do you know of Nina Simone? You might as well have sung Four Women. (Ellen agrees.) My name is PEACHES!

Verdict: Lacey go boom, followed quickly by Siobhan.

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