Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What the hell was that?!?

I'm sorry, but this is the semi-finals, right? Aren't these people supposed to be kicking ass at this point? Instead, Adam phoned it in, Gokey over shot the mark, as per usual and not in a good way, and what the hell is Kris still doing there? Man.

And you know I have mad love for Adam, right. Well, check it out dawg: Why Aerosmith? Why would you pick "Cryin'" Were you high?!? God! Was he trying to one-up Gokey's Dream On Aerosmith Rock 'N Roller Coaster? Where was all the twinkly space dust that usually swirls around your head? Did you just decide you didn't want to win it? LAME. At the rate we're going, Danny Deadwife is going to win it all...which...hey, maybe he'll just disappear like Taylor Hicks. Hmm...as you were Adam Lambert.

So, next week is the foshizzle finale. The question of the hour is: Who will be singing "Imagine"? And what happened to the songwriting contest? My neighbor wrote the music for my single and now it's all dressed up and has no place to go. I guess the contest went the way of Idol Gives Back. Oh well, maybe if I get poor enough, Paula Abdul will come over and color with me, which would make everything all better.


Coaster Punchman said...

I beg to differ, Miss Thang.* As a recent Adam convert (since Allison has already gotten the boot) I thought he kicked major ass. I loved both his performances.

I too fear however that Dead-Wife will win. It's really stupid that people vote for him because of the dead wife. Don't they know that he would have left her anyway if he'd won American Idol with her still around? (Which would not have happened because he would never have made it into the top 10.)

Kris, although still a cute kid and a talented musician, is dead to me. I'm all about Adam from here on in. Anything to beat the Kristian with a Corpse.

I'd forgotten about your single. I write music. I'll take a crack at it one day.

*My use of "Miss Thang" is me trying to sound black, like Danny.

Dale said...

I agree with you Flannery. Although I've come around to at least realizing Adam knows how to make a show, I hated the Aerosmith. Kris' take on Kanye was the best thing of the night.

I agree though CP that Danny Dead Wife should be stopped at all costs.

I also composed an Idol entry a while back on my blog. It may well be better without music, perhaps just the soft fluttering of wings in the background:

Flying On My Own (co-written by Carole Bayer Aspirin)

I'm spreading my wings
For the very first time,
How high will I go?
How far can I climb?

You were there from the start
To help me along
You're here with me now
And this is my song.

Flying on my own
Oh it feels so right
Flying on my own
Never thought I'd take flight.

Flying (stretch 2 syllable word into 18 - 22 syllable note here) on my own.

If possible, the actor singer should choke out a sob and cry one single tear at the end.

Coaster Punchman said...

Now I have to write two songs! Too bad my piano is still in NY. We had planned to get one here in SD but our floors might give out so that little project is on hold. Maybe I'll get one of those little keyboard like the guy had in "Hamlet 2."

I maintain that y'all are nuts. Adam actually made me cry last night. Mainly because I miss Allison so much, but still.

Dale said...

You need your piano back so you can re-tune your ear CP.