Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Top Three

I know we're all about Adam here now, and I am also an Adam fan. But I still love Kris. Love him. I thought Adam was lazy and sharp this week, Danny was as miserably dull and off pitch as we've come to expect (and he STILL hasn't learned the part about breathing at a natural pause in the lyric's phrasing,) and Kris' version of Heartless was the only thing worth listening to last night. (That first song of his really did suck.)  

The judges, on the other hand, made all three of these guys look like consummate professionals. Talk about squirrelly idiots. Seriously. Randy and Kara picked that stupid song for Kris and then got pissed because it's style was pretty much the same as his normal one and he didn't shake it up. Simon bragged about Bono like he'd had an audience with the queen. Paula went on even more than usual with the spouting of ridiculous nonsense. The only thing I liked about them this week was the big brown makeup smudge on Simon's boob left by Paula during one of their little wrestling matches.

The comparisons of Danny to Taylor Hicks and Michael Bolton are entirely accurate. By rights, the way the judges have been pimping him all season, they DESERVE to have him win so they have to market his stupid ass. I like the idea of them taking a bath with his 50,000-copies-sold debut album. But even more, I like the feeling of satisfaction I know will come when I see his smug face go blank when he's voted off tonight.  I love seeing people who are completely full of themselves kicked to the curb in public humiliation.  And Danny deserves that fate.

So I voted continuously for Kris and Adam. You will hear my shouts of joy in Europe if Gokey goes home.


Dale said...

What was that awesome noise?!!? YAY!!!!!!!!!

Melinda June said...

I KNOW. How incredibly satisfying to see Gokey go!