Wednesday, May 06, 2009

How can I be the first to realize this?

My blogging pals on Idolatry, you are seriously dropping the ball here. I simply cannot believe no one has yet come to the damning realization I am ready to utter. I am neither very creative nor observant, so I just don't understand how this universal truth could have escaped this entire blog circle.

Danny Gokey is nothing but an imitation of Michael Bolton. And a poor one at that.

I never would have dreamed there could exist such a thing as a worse Michael Bolton. But thanks to the graces of both the good Lord and Danny's dead wife, there is.

I hereby christen AI's most annoying contestant ever, Danny Bolton Gokey.


Flannery Alden said...

Hear, hear!! Good call, CP!

Dale said...

Excellent call, much more excellent than Danny will ever be!

Melinda June said...

My god. That is EXACTLY right. Remember that one time, in Memphis, when I was attacked in the BB King's ladies room by women fresh from a Bolton concert at the Pyramid? That sucked. And so does Danny.