Thursday, April 23, 2009

Down to five

So. Only half right, luckily, and it was Lil and Anoop with the tickets home this week. All in all, this is an acceptable result. I mean, I still think that dorky Matt should have gone before Anoop, but at least young Allison is safe. It was really only a matter of time for Mr. Desai, bless him. He just didn't have the dead wife required to make so-so talent a lasting Idol contender. I wish him luck, though. He's a good kid.

Which leaves us Allison, Matt, Kris and the Chosen Ones. I so dislike Danny and Matt that I have decided to become an Adam supporter - acknowledging that I cannot beat them, I am officially joining them. If we get to a top three of Allison, Kris and Adam I will at least feel that talent has won the day, and then I guess I'll get over it when Allison and Kris don't win. 

I'm not sure why it's become so important to me that Danny and Matt go home immediately, but it has. 

Danny is a smug, holier-than-thou hack. For me, he has come to embody all of the evil, self-centered, hypocritical fake love of the modern day Kristian.  On the surface, he's all sweetness and light, but none of it is reflected in his eyes unless they're talking about him. Am I being judgmental and basing that critique on stereotypes? Perhaps. Is it evil and unkind of me to judge someone so harshly, especially when I don't know them? Absolutely. But I'm convinced that Danny thinks God is going to help him beat Adam in the final because Adam is gay, which I find offensive in both the presumption and the content. (I mean, here's the church's website - these folks use ALL the buzzwords that indicate they believe God loves some people more than others.) It would be great to be wrong about this. It would be great if Danny is actually an open-minded guy who doesn't believe he knows more about what God wants for this world than the rest of us, and who doesn't think being gay damns you to eternal hellfire.  But I doubt it. And since that's what I believe, I don't want Danny to win.  I want Danny to be voted off immediately so he can be relegated to Praise Radio where he belongs. 

As for Matt, he seems like a nice enough guy but he just doesn't perform at the same level as the others. He should just have the Justin Timberlake surgery and leave us alone. 

America, please come to your senses and send these two packing.


Dale said...

I'm with you on the Danny thing. Maybe they can bring his dead wife back for a duet like they did with Elvis that time? Then they can boot him off.

Coaster Punchman said...

Although I do like to hope that some Kristian-looking churches do not gay bash, this one does indeed have many of the markings of one that does. At least they don't say so on their website, though there is also no mention of a gay & lesbian church group. There is a great Kristian-looking church here in San Diego that is decidedly non-Kristian. In fact, after Prop 8 passed, they put up billboards saying "Our church would like to apologize on behalf of those who voted to make close-mindedness and bigotry part of the constitution" or something like that. If only more of these mega-church type churches would do that....

Melinda June said...

It would be great if there were more like this, and even greater if Gokey's church were one of them since they are likely to have a big microphone soon. Unfortunately, other web articles talk about how they think it is a sin for women not to wear makeup because they should look pretty for men, and that does not bode well.

michaelg said...

Stereotypes are just so convenient. They wouldn't be stereotypes if they weren't true a vast percentage of the time. Danny is the devil. Hate him.