Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Just a few thoughts...
I was so glad to see that David Archuleta is back.

Jason's personality is so...blah. His interviews are fast-forward worthy. Simon said his face sold the song, but I wasn't watching, just listening and then I looked up to see Jason making a face that made me want to send him a Costco-sized Metamucil.

I like Carly, but didn't someone else comment that this is AMERICAN idol?

David Cook is such a tool he could fill up an entire Home Depot with his smirks alone.

But I never liked Chris Daughtry (sp?) until very recently (post-AI)...so maybe I'll like David Cook later.

I like Syesha's hair better when it looks like a bird's nest.

Who tells the audience members to wave their hands like that? That is really annoying.

Is Chikezie butchering this song cuz I don't recognize it, at all?!

How short is Ramiele? My Filipina "Lola" was about 4' 11" but I think she would've towered over Ramiele.

Unfortunately, I think Ramiele let her BFF Danny Noriega be her stylist.

Paula's outfit: tranny mess


BeckEye said...

That idiot pit is cruising for a bruising. They need to put their damn hands down and stop hooting every 5 seconds.

Marni said...

So I didn't miss much, huh? Couldn't stomach the last three so I turned the channel.