Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another night -- more Beatles

For some reason I really don't want to watch tonight. I'm gonna force myself though. Just so I can talk to the folks at work about it...

Just realized it's a two hour show... I may not make it. The first few performances better be good or I'm gonna find something else to watch. I'm just NOT into it this year. I know who I want to win but as to who will... don't really care.

Amanda: Back in the U.S.S.R. - I really like her voice... she has a great sound. And she can work the stage. I liked it! She's safe for another week. I love her spunk, too.

Kristy Lee: You've Got to Hide Your Love Away - I liked it until she got to the chorus; then she got a little pitchy. She did end it well though. She should be in the bottom two again, but this time GONE. Musical wallpaper!!! Perfect!

David A: The Long and Winding Road - He's turning into a crooner and I don't like that. Did he forget the words again? He seems really hesitant. He'll definitely move on and probably make the top three. Is he a "pop" star though? He'd go the way of some of the others and disappear into oblivion.

Michael: A Day in the Life - Awesome song... he sounds great. I' d buy it as a single. What a great performance! He's safe. I guess I heard something different than the judges. I don't think it was a "mess".

I can't stand the way Simon just said "you have to nail it like David did"... just give it to the kid and let's stop this show now.

Brooke: Here Comes the Sun - Perfect song for her. I think she is the dark horse of this competition and a major threat. She has definately been placed in my top 3. Again -- I guess I didn't hear the same performance as the judges.

David C: Day Tripper - He's got such a great voice... just wish I could look at him when he performs. Love the arrangement!!! It is perfect for him. Could have done without the whole voice box thingy, but I have to say it is the best tonight. I guess it was a good thing I wasn't watching him since Simon said he looked "smug"... typical of a Tool.

Carly: Blackbird - She is my absolute favorite. That was beautiful. I love how she has shown how she can hit the lower range too. Beautiful. She is top 2... IMO.

Jason: Michelle - eh. I usually love him, but tonight he seems a little off. I'm glad he stepped away from the guitar and tried something a little more up tempo. I'm still crazy about him though. He's safe for another week.

I'm done. I've seen all I want to see and the last three I could care less about. Let me know how they did. I've going to find something else on tv -- or go to bed.

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