Friday, August 08, 2008

American Idol Tour - Second Hand News

A guy who rides the train with me takes his kids each year to the Idols Live tour although I know it's really because he wants to see it. His kids are in their early 20s.

This year, he said that the bottom 6 performed a few songs each and then did a group number. When it was Ramiele's turn to sing, her microphone went out mid-song and she just kept singing until someone brought her a new one. That one conked out too and people started to boo and she just walked off stage.

There was an intermission, I'm not sure why that would be.

The top 6 did their bits, Brooke did her 'set' in bare feet. Everyone sang well but when Syesha was finished, she said "I'd like to thank you all for coming to my show".

Bla bla bla, the Davids were good bla bla bla.

That is all.


Flannery Alden said...

Gee...I feel like I was there.

Dale said...

Haha, don't you love half-assed second hand accounts of something you barely listened to?

Flannery Alden said...

No, really...I did feel like I was there. The American Idol tour is just like you said your friend says it is!

BeckEye said...

You forgot the part where Michael Johns dedicated his set to me.

Dale said...

He did and he's hoping that you too live happily ever after in a little photoshopped house Beckeye!

ng2000 said...

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