Wednesday, May 21, 2008


This is an American Idol first: an early CP-supported candidate wins the title! And this despite the judges' lame attempt to hand Archuleta the prize on a silver platter with their scathing comments on the finals show. Shows what they know.

Although I may have to agree with Beckeye here: the producers weren't about to let another Daughtry slip away and escape the greedy clutches of Clive Davis. They may have rigged it to have Cook-boy win, and only told the judges to say the things they said to make Little Archie feel better, or at least to help him avert a beating (off) from his father.

But we'll have none of that negativity and speculation tonight here at American Idolatry, Gentle Readers. For tonight we drink a toast to the guy who deserved to win it from the start: David Cook. Tonight David took the prize for Chris, for Elliott, and especially for Melinder.



Tenacious S said...

CP, he was my favorite from the start as well. For once, the talented nice guy wins.

Dale said...

The cook cleaned up!

BeckEye said...

Yay, Cookie! I don't know how he made that crappy AI single sound halfway decent, but that's a pretty amazing feat.

Darrin said...

I only just found this Idol sight of yours.... (shows how observant I am).... this is classic. The one thing that shocks me though is that you were "moved" by Danny Noriega. That can't be true can it??? This is my 1st season watching Idol, I'm so ashamed, but whatever. Does it really matter who won though? The prize won't make a bit of difference on either person's career.

Gifted Typist said...

congratulations CP, well spotted