Monday, April 02, 2007

AI - UK style

Watching AI in the UK is more fun that watching it at home, with the minor exception that you likely already know the results before you actually see the performances. But if you could somehow shield yourself from finding out ahead of time watching it here is superior because

a) There are no commercials, so you don't have to go through that whole "...after the break..." thing

b) The Coca-Cola logos on the judges' cups are blurred out because Coke is not a sponsor of AI's broadcast here

c) You don't have to watch that stupid part where Ryan reads the voting phone number to you like you're some kind of retard

d) You don't have to watch the contestant do that stupid grin and make the sign of their voting number with their hands. I always thought that was vote-grubbing anyway. Bad form. (Note: Melinda doesn't do that. Hint hint.)

e) You get to watch the results show right after the performances, since it doesn't air here until Sunday morning.

f) There are extra interviews with the contestant who gets kicked off, where they tell you what happened after they got kicked off. (E.g. Chris told us that Simon came up to him and said "you're going home tonight because you temporarily lost your sparkle. But you'll get it back quickly because you're a star." Awwwwwwww.)



Anonymous said...

AI/The Sanjaya comedy hour is like a car wreck. I can't stop watching it as I am waiting to see what wtf he's gonna do with his hair next and wtf he's going to "try" and sing. Funnily enough, on YouTube, I found a video of when he was 13 in a choir and he actually sounded good. I think the little shit is doing this on purpose!!

Hope we can say goodbya to sanjaya soon.

Dale said...

I wish I could watch it in Britain.