Thursday, April 06, 2006

No Justice, No Peace!

I missed last night's results show, but just discovered online that Mandisa, of all people, was voted off.

Ok America. WTF????????

What is your problem? What????

She was CLEARLY one of the three best singers on the show (alongside Elliott and Chris.) Yes, Katharine can sing ok, but HELLLLOOOOOO! She's BOOORING! We already have a Kelly Clarkson, America. We don't need another ungrateful hussy who will forget who sent her to stardom about five minutes after she cuts her first record!

First George Bush. Now Mandisa. I just don't understand you anymore.


lulu said...

I don't watch AI because I am one of those weird English teacher-types who doesn't own a television, however I would guess that she was voted off because the name Mandisa sounds like some sort of superhero-villain.

jin said...

I don't watch it either, but both of my parents told me they thought she was one of the best too.
Then they asked me if I've ever heard of a band called Queen.
lolol :-)