Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kris won after all

I know. Damn that Kris and the Kristians that voted for him. The no-talent hack only won because people hate Adam because he's gay.

Sorry. I disagree. I think people LOVED Adam, gay or not. Even Kristians loved him, and voted for him. And I think Kris is going to surprise all you haters and be a stand up guy AND a success. And on a completely separate issue, so will Adam. I plan to follow both of their careers closely.


BeckEye said...

Yo, Dawg. Your post totally confused me. What is it that you're saying? Are you on Paula's meds? :)

Melinda June said...

Yup. You should try some. They're delightful. They make me see artistry and magic.

Mostly I just think the op-ed political justification of Idol voting is silly. I didn't have time to vote the other night but I would have voted for Kris, even though you don't get more liberal-glamour-homo-loving than I am.

My dirty little secret - I think winning Idol means F87K all because they system always screws the talent somehow. I only care about kicking off assholes (like Gokey.)

Dale said...

Please send meds.