Thursday, March 05, 2009

Wild card reactions

Seriously. You let that Langseth girl and that off key Corkrey chick through, and pass on Ju'not and Kristin McNamara? Seriously.

You people are lame. Completely and utterly lame.

And you only need Von Smith OR Ricky Braddy. They're basically the same guy. Actually, that's completely unfair. I think Ricky Braddy is cute.

The above was written before the show. Now that they've made their final 13, I say that Meghan Corkrey or whatever her stupid name is has obviously entered in some unholy alliance with the AI producers, because she is a talentless hillbilly Mormon with ugly ink, or tats, as the kids are calling them. As my friend Chuckles would say, DIE BITCH DIE. (Figuratively, of course. I don't actually wish her dead.)

And may I point out that, of the five female contestants, two are teenagers and three have little kids. For some reason this bugs me. A lot.

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Anonymous said...

I thought she sucked too. I'm still pissed about Felicia.