Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Kissed A Girl And I Liked It

Ok, the moment she leaned in and kissed Ryan and they played that song, I was hooked. I laughed so hard I think I peed a little bit. What a way to ward off the Arctic Blast! My mood has vastly improved since 7:59 p.m.

I'm hopeful; it looks like they are going to be true to their word to cut back on the weirdo's this season, which is fine. The people who get through are goofy enough.

And good job to new host, Kara. She fits in well and she's got the goods to back up her opinion. And good for Paula for making it work. By the way, the little dance that one girl lead the group in was straight off of "Get Up and Dance!," Paula's aerobic DVD that I've just resumed working out to. That move was the "George Jetson," I believe. Either that or the "Ho Down."

I'm literally out of the closet. Or rather figuratively. Actually, that skinny guy literally came out of the closet. I am figuratively out of the closet. I never sat and watched Idol while in a closet, though I did hide my love for this show, but now I'll say it proudly. He actually sat in the closet to practice singing and came out after the mold made him sick. I love the way they were totally arguing the opposite.

And will I go to hell for saying it will be interesting to watch the blind guy crack? Then I won't say it...

By the way, I'm not bothering to learn/look up contestants' names. Let's see who gets past Hollywood first.

It's the honeymoon phase in Season Eight, so enjoy it while it's fresh! Remember these times when you're in the dumps of week 13.


Dale said...

Hilarious, the kiss was my favourite moment. I was kind of dreading the return of the show but that was fairly entertaining! So were these first two posts of yours. Flannery for new judge!

Dale said...
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Melinda June said...

I'm totally with you, Flannery! I'm excited about this season because I missed the last two, but last night got me totally ginned up.

Spooky said...

The blind guy? I can't wait to see bikini girl snap. That snarky bimbo is going sink like a lead balloon.

BeckEye said...

I think I'm going to make up a new Idol drinking game this year.

Mmmmm...maybe I should save the rules for my own blog. I hate when I blow funny shit in someone else's comments section. ;)

"By the way, I'm not bothering to learn/look up contestants' names. Let's see who gets past Hollywood first." - My thoughts exactly. Hell, I even called Michael Johns "Aussie Hottie" until he made it to the Top 24.

BeckEye said...

OK. So I posted it to my blog and realized it's not that funny. Ah well. Maybe I should start drinking and then it will become hilarious.