Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A-Meh-Rican Idol

I could care less who wins...but I don't want to waste my time. Did you know, for Mother's Day, I got an i-Tunes gift card? I went straight to the AI stuff to download my favorite appearances. It was sort of a zen/ouija board experience. I scanned the offerings and clicked the ones I liked best. Here's what I got:

  • Over the Rainbow, Jason Castro
  • Daydream, Jason Castro
  • Halleluia, Jason Castro
  • Jail House Rock, Danny Noriega

Do you spot the trend? I guess I did have a favorite after all, but he was so under the radar, I didn't even realize it myself. Sigh. I've never been so underwhelmed by Americian Idol. I couldn't even get excited about the obvious superiority of David Cook. He's such a smug bastard with an alien dome; I just don't like him. David A is out of his league and we've already talked about She Who Must Not Be Named.

Let's hope for a total shake-up of this show for season 8. Please.


BeckEye said...

"Alien dome." Ha hahahaha.

Jason Castro was a darling. IS, I mean. He's not dead.

I read in this week's TV Guide that he has a girlfriend and for some odd reason, felt a little sad. I'm a dork and a cougar, apparently.

Dale said...

You should audition for next season Flannery. Please?

I was hoping Archuleta would get the boot just so he'd have to go into hiding from his dad.

Anonymous said...

archie is the best!!!!! I hated Jason though, he had the UGLIEST facial expressions and he was not a good singer AT ALL! With his stupid fudging ukeleily...... And I know that us spelled soooooo wrong.