Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Mormon kid was on Star Search

If this kid wasn't so damn likable I'd demand he be disqualified on accounta his 12-year-old Star Search win

n searching for a photo of my current favorite to post, I discovered that the Mormon kid has already been a Star Search winner. Shouldn't that disqualify him? It also puts the "too nice to be believed" act that I had previously attributed to his Mormonism in a different light; the kid's been doing this for years now. He probably knows every trick in the book.

Oh well, as long as he doesn't go all Donny Osmond on us I'll forgive him. What a sweet kid. I'm such a sucker for that whole self-effacing thing too, how pathetic.

On the other side of the coin, I'm already over Mr. Aussie heartthrob; he's just a little too in love with himself to need any fans anyway.

And although Mindy June has instituted a policy against contestants who pimp out their kids as way to garner more appeal, I'm still with her even though (just for the record) I'd totally do the "Moon River" daddy. My huckleberry friend, indeed.

Was that too much information?


michaelg said...

The mormon is a really sweet kid and seems genuinely humble.
I'm so ready for Danny Noriega to go home. He could have a career doing Jessica Alba drag, but not a pop tart.
Moon River Daddy= Tasty

Dale said...

I think I'd vote for Manuel Noriega before Danny but that's just me.

It could be the Mormon underwear keeping that kid humble.

Tanya Espanya said...

OHMYGOD, Michael G - that's it! Jessica Alba drag! I hate that Danny guy (and Jessica Alba too) and you totally figured it out for me. Clever man!

boo danny!

lulu said...

Oh be nice; he's trying to get together enough money to go to Bangkok for the operation.

Mr Bangkok Hotels said...

I do hope you could do it. May God bless on you...