Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Dead or Alive?

Quite a night! Jon Bon Jovi rocks the soccer mom highlights like no other!

It was fun seeing return of the Phil and the Phil's sweaty chemo head - excellent work man. I need you to keep sucking up for the squirm inducing goodness.

Lakisha was the best she's been since her big Jennifer Hudson barnburner way back. And she looked great, even when she squatted for the big note!

I was prepared to hate it but I couldn't, Blake, you beatoffboxed your way to brilliance. Taking a song with such an indelible sound and changing it up could have been disaster but I ate that shit up.

--------Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, we're halfway there----------

Now. Jordin, you were great on the chorus but nowhere else. My Paula moment: You looked pretty! But whose idea was it to put your big Amazon self in between those guitarists from the shire?

That was not Tina Turneresque, that was Melinda Doolittlelike. Not bad but not great. Tonight, you were no Lakisha.

Chris, you fell off the horse in your interview question, all through that song and with the look on your face when Simon opened his mouth. Bye bye baby bye bye.

My favourite part of any show is when Randy says 'you blew it out the box'. Keep saying that forever Randy, I love the imagery.


BeckEye said...

I admit to having a on-again off-again crush on Chris, but his eloquence tonight during his mini-interview really won my heart. I love a man with a limited vocabulary.

Marni said...

What the hell is that picture? I don't get it... :)

Dale said...

It's a diagram of peripelvic flaps. It relates to Randy's comment of 'blowing it out the box'. I thought it was nicer than the other picture I was thinking of.

Valerie said...

I felt bad for Jon Bon Jovi when Jordin gushed about how "her mom" was such a big fan. Great way to make him feel like an old fart!

I was surfing the internet and watching the show and remember that Phil was ok, Jordin was bad, Lakisha was good, I liked that she showed some personality in the interview section, normally she seems so bored to be there, Blake was good, Melinda was good (as always) and I don't remember Chris' performance.

If Chris and Jordin were in the bottom two last week, they will be going home tonight.

Marni said...

HA! I kind of figured that's what it was but I wanted to make sure. Scary... real scary!

Dale said...

You must learn to read your labels Marni! I was going to say labia but that would have been rude.

Anonymous said...

i also found it funny that melinda knows bon jovi from being on oprah which proves that his fans are a lot of dirty bird soccer moms.

Chancelucky said...

Isn't it Lakisha who knows Bon Jovi from watching Oprah?

Chancelucky said...

btw, I've seen comments about Chris's "fun, fun, fun" answer to Ryan's question. No one seems to mention Melinda's "huge, huge, huge" bit about Idol Cares.

Melinda June said...

It's best when Randy says that to the ladies. Talk about talent.