Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Favourite Moments

What a long, boring finale for American Idol.

My favourite parts were tuning in to Larry King to hear him croak on a little about Rosie and Elizabeth's clawing match on The View and seeing all those little African kids sing. Who knew there were enough Jolie Pitt kids to form a choir already?

It was also fun watching Bette Midler lose the will to actually entertain.



Bubs said...

Well said Dale.

We were just talking about how sad and dull A.I. has become. We didn't even realize it was the finale until just before the show came on.

And then we didn't watch anyway.

Valerie said...

I didn't watch it and I don't care anymore. I saw on Yahoo! who the winner was and all I could think was...meh.

Chancelucky said...

The finale didn't have the truly tasteless energy or the energy for true tastelessness that last year's did. The music was probably a little better though.

I just think a lot of people lost interest when it got down to Blake and Jordin.

Anonymous said...

it's become too much of a celebrity whorefest. and about who idol can get to "mentor" (more commonly known as promoting their latest album)

Tanya Espanya said...

Haha, Jolie Pitt choir.

I liked Kelly Clarkson's outfit and bum she sported while singing the Sgt. Pepper thingy.

And that retard really does look like a bush baby.

Melinda June said...

Oh my GOD! They bring back the Bush Baby!!!! Is his fat friend with him???? I'm so excited!

BeckEye said...

At least Howard Stern is upfront about making fun of the mentally challenged. AI has to pretend like they care.

Jake's Mom said...

Thank-you all for the entertainment. Even the colorful and weedy language descriptions usually gave me a smile which many times I sorely needed.
CP urged me to use WJTI as a distraction for my grief. It proved interesting and and validated my belief that reality shows are useful only for gossip over the water cooler/coffee urn.
I will miss reading all WJTI's members reactions to Simon's antics or Paula's drunken flirting.
Dale I do like your twisted view of life as it comes close to how I see it since Jake's death. Keep it up the world needs many more Hunter S Thompsons'!!
Thanks to all. It was a slice!

Dale said...

The problem with water coolers is, they're filled with water. Now that's retarded. We need to fill one with tequila and figure out which show to massacre next Jake's Mom.

The fat retard is there too Melinda June. Make note that he only owns one shirt.

I'm trying to think of something very classy to sing to the tune of 'Beach Baby':

Bush baby bush baby pull down your pants, give me something that I can remember...

Seabreeze out.

n.v. said...

Kelly Clarkson is gay, right?