Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Last night was kinda boring.

Lakisha looked great. I'm sure Simon really wants to hit that. Knock boots with her... ha ha!

Gina... I love her. She sounded awesome. She looked great, but I was waiting for the seams on her dress to split at any moment.

Sanjaya- I actually shuddered while I was watching him. Even just thinking about it now sends shivers up my back. Not good shivers. I couldn't watch the whole thing. And then he told Simon that he was jealous because he couldn't pull it off?????????????????????????? Now I'm shivering again. Seriously.

Jordin- I still love her voice, but wasn't crazy about the song... or the picnic table thing she was wearing.

Chris Sligh (I know, this isn't in order)- From the beginning they've been telling him about rushing it. He does... bad. I hope he's safe, but I'd want him to go home before some of the others.

Haley- I didn't like her rendition of "True Colors". I think she's got great legs, though.

Paula- your lips were fine, you didn't need to get them plumped up. Now they are almost more distracting than your drunken-ness. Almost.


Dale said...

The best parts for me were the FauxHawk that Sanjaya sported and listening to Chris derail. But then, that's just the way I roll.

Coaster Punchman said...

I agree on Gina - I was really nervous during the results when she almost landed in the bottom 3. She was great.

Anonymous said...

i honestly think sanjaya realizes he is just hated at this point and isn't good enough so he is just doing whatever the hell now. the vftw people ARE having an effect on his situation. i've given up caring whether he stays or goes.